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Search Engine Submission

Having a beautiful web site does not include you automatically in all search engines! Submission to each search engine is necessary to be included.

This submission can be time consuming and most search engines do NOT guarantee anything. Where do I have to submit, what do I have to fill in? Tons of companies have been disappointed. After 3 months, still not included? You are going to lose a serious market potential !?

Nozzie provides professional submission to all mayor search engines

Before submitting your web site is highly suggested to optimize your web site for the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Submitting to search engines makes only sense if the web site is ready for submission. If not: Your web site might be ranked number 77 or 103. As only the first 20 highest ranked web sites received > 95% of all hits, lower ranking will result in a very few hits.

Nozzie will get you through all steps to get top 5 ranking! Nozzie can boost the amount of hits with more then 500% within days!

A Cool web site does not get you top ranking. Tricks in the page coding and external factors will make significant difference: Get started today for $290: Pay only when significant increase of hits !
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Advertising on the Web

Getting hits on the web is possible, but for what price. After a niche market analysis a effective marketing strategy will be implemented. The right sources make it possible to increase sales within days! The niche market will make the Cost-per-Click up to 10 times lower then the competition.

Nozzie uses these tools too: Nozzie pays $0.05 - $0.35 per click to get only very targeted audience to the web site.

Ask for the very reasonable fees. Customized to your needs: contact Nozzie

E-mail Response, Newsletter

Nozzie specialized in Direct Marketing at the University of Chile in Santiago. Direct mail was a very popular tool. Nowadays there are great web tools to generate more sales. Communicating with existing customers and make them buy again is a tremendous cheaper to advertise then generate new clients. No stamps, no printing, but sending 3000 e-mails every week to existing customers or subscribers to newsletters. Web hosts and third parties offer several solutions which we can integrate easily in your web site.


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