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The great years of tons of free traffic from organic searches in Google is pretty much over. In 2001 you could add the keyword phrase "dentist san diego" in the TITLE and 3 times on a web page and you might have got top 3 ranking in Google AND generate a extra $200.000 that year.

As of today, 2013, organic searches are still shownb in Google, however lower on the page, which means leass click per impression.

A rough 50%+ of search goes to the ppc advertisments above and aside form the organic search in Google.

Having a strong seo presence for high ranking in the organic results does not mean you have to compomise a lot. Years ago, due to limited technology options (where put that code in the template?) it was tough to find a good balance.

SEO basics need:

  • URL - A well established (older domain) is helpfull
  • TITLE - Inlude the specific keyword phrase for the page and a generic description for the web site

Search Engine Optimization will get more exposure to the web site due to higher ranking in search engines without paying for it. More details about Search Engine Optimization.

top ranking in search engines = more visitors at a low cost = more new customers

more visitors and better conversion = more sales

better web site = more conversion = more cashflow

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